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UPDATE (2/27/2023). There are actually two additions to the Personal Essay section. These two essays mean a lot to me, one of which was republished in a now defunct online literary journal ten years ago. Please check out the updated page right here.

UPDATE: 11/3: Very happy to report that two major NJ regional publications, 201 Magazine and Bergen Magazine, will give Next Stop, Boston coverage in their upcoming issues. The book will be featured in a roundup of local authors in 201 Magazine and mentioned in an item in Bergen Magazine. To order the book or find out more info on it, clickhere Also, the reviews are starting to trickle in. Please check them out on the praise/reviews page of this site. More are coming in. I'll be updating that page soon. Click here. 

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UPDATE: 11/22/23: An article in which I share five songs for a "Weedsday Playlist" while discussing my reasons for inclusion was just published in HoneySuckle Magazine. Also mentioned in the piece is Next Stop, Boston and my background. It's a really fun article. Check it out here. 

UPDATE (6/5/2023). Very happy to announce that a novel I wrote during one of the COVID surges will be published by Black Pawn Press later this year. The novel, Next Stop, Boston, is a coming of age story set against the backdrop of a North American rock and roll tour, pre-COVID. It is very, very loosely inspired by the Fellini classic "La Strada" (with a little bit of Janet Fitch's novel "White Oleander" and Thomas Hardy's "Tess of the D'Urbervilles"--my favorite novel when I was a teen--thrown in for good measure). 

BREAKING (4/13/19): Video presentation of my recent (4/1/19) talk on "Intergenerational Trauma: Struggling With a Difficult Legacy," at Bergen Community College (part of their Holocaust series), was posted on YouTube on BCC's channel. Check it out here

UPDATE: 11/10: Next Stop, Boston is now available in eBook/Kindle format on Amazon. Also, check out an Answered in Five Q&A I did about Next Stop, Boston. To order the Kindle version of my novel ($9.99), please click here. And to check out the Q&A, click here. 

UPDATE: 11/19: ​11/19/23): Reedsy Discovery launched Next Stop, Boston last week on their site with a very good review and a preview page. My page got enough upvotes that it was featured in their Friday newsletter on the "Best Books That Launched This Week." Yeah! Next Stop, Boston was their pick for the Coming of Age genre. Thank you to Reedsy and readers for their support. To learn more about this, go to the reviews/press coverage page

UPDATE: 11/26/23: Bergen Magazine has a blurb on Next Stop, Boston in their December 2023 issue! To read what they wrote, please visit the reviews/media coverage page here.  You can also download the entire issue here. The blurb is on page 18. 

UPDATE: 10/23: The paperback version of the book is now selling on Amazon, B&N and other retailers. It's $17.99. (The ebook version will be out in a week or two). To order the book or find out more info on it, clickhere.  Also, the reviews are starting to trickle in. Please check them out on the praise/reviews page of this site. Click here.