An Epiphany in Lilacs, my second book, was originally published by Mazo Publisher in January 2017. I got the rights back to it two years later and republished it on Amazon. To buy a copy (only $12.95 in paperback and $2.99 in Kindle), go here.   

"Great Producers: Visionaries of the American Theater"

(Allworth Press) 

First Published August 19, 2008

An Epiphany In Lilacs is a novel set in a displaced persons camp outside Hamburg, Germany following the end of World War II. After liberation in May 1945, Daniel, a 14-year-old Latvian Jew, is treated in a field hospital in the British zone of partitioned Germany. A survivor of various concentration camps, Daniel fights to recover from starvation and disease. Racked by nightmares, a nearly nightly occurrence, Daniel finds sleep almost impossible. Through his love of nature, and pre-war memories, Daniel struggles to find comfort. He forms an intriguing bond with an older German gentile, another survivor. Later on, as he joins a theater troupe, Daniel tries to move on with his life, yet still searching for the whereabouts of his mother and two sisters.

Sentenced to Shakespeare, my third book, has just been published by Sunbury Press/Milford House Press!  To buy a copy (only $14.95 in paperback and $3.99 in Kindle), go here. It's also now available on Amazon, with other major online book sellers, which include Barnes & Noble.  

Sentenced to Shakespeare is a contemporary young adult novel set in suburban New Jersey. The story revolves around Leah, a smart and sensitive 15-year-old girl who is pushed too far by a bully and snaps. Arrested for assault and battery, Leah is sentenced to an unusual form of rehabilitation—she must take and complete a Shakespeare workshop or else risk incarceration. Ostracized by her classmates, abandoned by her only friend, Leah finds comfort and solidarity with the other juvenile offenders in this same program, with one offering her something she's never experienced before--love. 

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An insider’s look at the producers who help create the magic of Broadway shows.  Among those profiled are Cameron Mackintosh, Disney Theatricals' Thomas Schumacher, Daryl Roth, Andre Bishop, Roger Berlind, Margo Lion, Jack Viertel, Fran Weissler and Michael David. Also included are legends from the past like David Merrick, Flo Ziegfeld and David Belasco. If you're interested in ordering a copy or viewing a sample of the book, please visit the page.  (To hear a sample of the audiobook, go to the Audible link listed above.)