BREAKING (6/5/19): Sentenced to Shakespeare, my newest contemporary YA novel dealing with bullying, its aftermath and an unusual rehab program, is set to be published very soon by Sunbury Press/Milford House Press. Check it out here

BREAKING (4/3/19): I'm extremely delighted to announce that the contemporary young adult novel I had been working on for a long while now, a story that deals with bullying, juvenile justice and an unusual rehab program (inspired by a real-life one), will be published by a mainstream small press in the near future. Stay tuned. 

BREAKING (3/17/19): I'm very honored that a personal essay I wrote five or six years ago, entitled "Earth to Everyone: I'm More Than a Mid-Life Spinster" was featured along with the writings of other women in HBO's "Inspiration Room" exhibit in New York City, from March 18 to March 25. 

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BREAKING (4/13/19): Video presentation of my recent (4/1/19) talk on "Intergenerational Trauma: Struggling With a Difficult Legacy," at Bergen Community College (part of their Holocaust series), was posted on YouTube on BCC's channel. Check it out here